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    How to identify whether document was changed after signing?


      I have a signed PDF document, which I need to be authorised converted. According to Acrobat is the document signed with valid signature and there are no changes after signing. (So i can't view and save the signed version). But the clerk who is doing the conversion, claims that there are some changes after signing and the document can't be converted. I told him that there are no changes according to Acrobat. And he told me, that Acrobat can ignore some "small changes in the pdf code" but his software for conversion can't.


      My question is: is it possible that Acrobat can ignore "small changes after signing" and confirm it as signed nonedited version? Or is it a nonsense and only incompetence of the clerk or his software?

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          Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

          Hi Cupak,


          There are legal changes that get saved as an amendment to the signed document, but they don't modify the signed data and thus the signature remains valid. An illegal change that would break the signature (cause it to become invalid) because it modified the signed data.


          It is possible that there are legal changes that don't show up in the Signature Properties dialog as a change. A second (or subsequent signature) doesn't display as a document change. Once it did, but we heard from so many customers that they didn't like multiple signatures showing up as changes because it gives the impression the the core document had been modify. Multiple signatures are the only thing that won't cause the signature properties dialog to tell you there have been changes, however, even if the signatures are invisible (i.e. no signature appearance), you can see that there are multiple signature in the Signature Navigation panel.