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    get the type of a Page Item


      Hey guys,


      i am working on an inDesign extension. i have a requirement to go through the document elements. i was able to get all pageItem objects on a doc page.

      i am now trying to figure out what is the type of each pageItem so i am using the following code that i found in here:

      http://cssdk.host.adobe.com/sdk/2.1/docs/WebHelp/app_notes/indesign_pa ge_items.htm


      //Given a page item "myPageItem" of unknown type:

      var myPageItemType:String = flash.utils.getQualifiedClassName(myPageItem);


      this is supposed to give me for example: com.adobe.indesign::Rectangle

      instead all items are returning: com.adobe.indesign::PageItem


      any idea what i am doing wrong here?


      Thank for the your help.