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    InDesign interactive flash version?

    DHR Level 1

      Creating InDesign interactive pdfs, I'm wondering what the minimum requirements are for the flash plugin to view correctly? Since interactive features appeared in CS5 will interactive pdfs play on older flash plugins for acrobat reader... or does the latest version need to be used.

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          Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

          You probably can use the older Flash plugin that's in Acrobat, but unless you're demoing the product on your own computer, I wouldn't rely on anyone else having the plugin.


          Plus, none of the tablets will play any Flash.


          Give it up. SWF is not viable for PDF

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            DHR Level 1

            So what do you think InDesign interactive is good for (if anything)... And what's the best way to repurpose InDesign content for the future... Is epub the next thing for repurposing InDesign content... and how does pdf fit into the future. I'd like to see what othere people are doing as I'm a freelancer and I'm always getting asked these questions.



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              Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

              Ordinary interactive PDF features are still very useful. Buttons, Forms, Hyperlinks, Bookmarks, Transitions all can play in an interactive PDF without the Flash Player.


              The only things that require Flash are the animations, Page Turn, Page Curl, placed SWF, and some of the button actions.


              But without any of those, the interactive PDF is totally viable. Check out this discussion and the post I wrote:




              Now, what about the future? I don't know. Honestly don't.


              I desperately hope that Adobe can figure out some way to use the animations in InDesign in DPS and ePub. HTML 5 would be the most likely option. But right now, if you ask someone from Adobe about inserting animations into DPS, they will tell you about Edge Animator. That's the current flavor of the month for easy-to-create animations. (Although I find ID's animation tools easier.)


              PDF is way too entrenched to die. But I do not see the Acrobat team doing anything to change the basic system of interactivity in PDF documents. That code seems set in stone. So, in my opinion, the interactive features that are currently there are all we're going to get. (This is my opinion. I know nothing official.)


              I have put in a feature request for some way to use ID's animations in DPS apps. But that's not the ID team. It's the DPS developers. The irony is, however, that non-Adobe plugins for ID do have animation exports for DPS.


              OK, I'll step down from the soapbox.

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                DHR Level 1

                Well, I have my upgrade to CS6 still to load as I'm still using 5.5. How does dps differ from CS6, and will CS6 allow me some digital publishing capabilities before the end... the subscription system model.


                Thanks for your insight!

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                  Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm not sure if there are differences between DPS in 5.5 and CS6. There shouldn't be, but there might be

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    About the only difference in DPS between CS5.5 and CS6 is in packaging (CS6 will package overlay assets) and CS6 and later the ability to place OAM packages.