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    Regression? Adobe CMIS Connector 4.2 and CC ten times slower than 4.0.


      Hello dear forum members!


      We developed an Adobe Drive CMIS connector for our DAM system and noticed a major navigation performance degradation

      when updating CMIS connector on windows client systems from Version 4.0 to Version 4.2 or CC.


      When visiting a folder:


      Version 4.0 does a getChildren request ("children" url) and is finished: 1 call


      Version 4.2 and CC do a getChildren request and IN ADDITION call:

         - getObjectParents ("parents" url) for each object in folder

         - getObjectParents for folder of path of each object


      So lets say you have some folderX with path




      containing 500 images of some photo session that needs sorting you get


      1x getChildren

      500x getObjectParents (one for each image)

      2x500x getObjectParents (2 for each folder of path of each image)


      in sum: 1501 calls until that same folder gets displayed.


      Any chance that this gets fixed on Adobe Drive CMIS connector?

      Can we do something on server side to prevent that behavior?

      Does Adobe Drive support paging in big folders?

      Anything else we can do to help?