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    Computer is Authorized without ADE ID?


      I was originally using ADE 1.7 then downloaded ADE 2, now I am having trouble transfering books to my Sony Ereader.

      My reader shows as this Device is Authorized but I can't transfer the Book  What do I need to do to get my computer Authorized with my  ADE ID and keep it as my default?

      Do I need to create a new ID for ADE 2?  If so how will this affect my current ADE Library?


      Any Help would be much appreciated

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          mrs.k_01 Level 1

          Firstly I would like to apologize for not reading previous discussions as the answer to my question was addressed.


          Thank you for you help and just knowiing there are others with the same issues  and  for those who are willing to help are a Blessing


          Open ADE press   ctrl-shift-D  (PC)   when prompted  and de authorize  -- close ADE

          Reopen ADE go to help & reauthorize with old ID


          Worked like a charm  Thanks again