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    ColdFusion Server question

    ctreeves Level 1

      I have a virtual web server at work.  I have several different sites on it, lets call them:



      SiteB.MyWork.org  <-- this is a ColdFusion site



      The sites are all installed in the H drive as is ColdFusion.


      I am going to add one more site SiteD.MyWork.org - also on the H drive.


      These are my server details:

      System Information
      Server Details
      Server ProductColdFusion


      Can I add the new site or do I need to install the enterprise version of ColdFusion?  If I need the enterprise version, is it as simple as changing the license or do I need to actually install it?


      Thank you

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          Kaif Akbar Level 1

          You can create separate connector for this website if you have initially created connectors for each websites separately.

          If you have initially selected all websites for connector then that would work for this too.



          Kaif Akbar

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            vishu#13 Level 3

            Yes, you can add a new website (SiteD.MyWork.org) and place in the H drive (if H drive is not full).
            Now, no need to install ColdFusion if you want your new website ((SiteD.MyWork.org) as ColdFusion website. You just need to create a connector for the same website if you previously had not cretaed connector with All (at server level)



            Same Scenario : -


            3 wesbite and then added 1 new website (highlighted in red arrow)

            Then launch Web Server Configuration Tool and found that out of 3 websites, I had configured one website as ColdFusion website name CF 10

            If in the above screenshot, instead of CF 10, you see All, then do not create connector means do not follow the steps mentioned below



            Now you need to  configure new website CF10_New and that's it, you are done


            Hope it helps




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              ctreeves Level 1

              Wow, thank you for the very fast replies.


              Two things.


              I am on CF 9

              I am not a server person / programmer.  How do I create a "connector"?  In CF Administrator, IIS7...?

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                vishu#13 Level 3

                Go to C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\bin (single server) / C:\Jrun4\ bin (multiserver), launch wsconfig.exe as Run as Admin and follow the screenshot




                Under IIS WebSite, either you can choose All or if there is only 1 website in IIS that is a ColdFusion website then you can choose the website name instead of All




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                  ctreeves Level 1

                  Nerver mind, I found it.

                  Start > Programs > Adobe > ColdFusion 9 > Web Server Configuration Tool.


                  Thank you again to both of you!

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                    vishu#13 Level 3

                    That sounds great Please mark this post Correct if your issue is resolved as this will be much helpfull for other ColdFusion users as well.