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    How to overlay a watermark onto many, separate, individual layers of an animation.

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      For theoritical purposes, let's say that I am building an animation and that I have 10 layers in this animation thus far.  Now, let's say that I would like a watermark to be overlayed on every single one of these individual layers.


      The only way that I would know how to do this would be to make a layer with the watermark, duplicate it nine times so that there were a total of ten layers with the watermark and then painstakingly go about the process of merging one layer of the animation with with one layer of the watermark and then repeat this process nine more times.


      Whenever this situation comes up, whether it is a watermark or a correction of some sort that belongs on ALL LAYERS and I do this the only way that I know how, I think to myself that with something as powerful as CS 5, there has GOT to be an more automated and easier way of going about this.


      Would anybody happen to know what that way would be???


      THANKS !