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    Indesign layer editing

    BBond19 Level 1

      Can you, and if so how can you make an edit on a layer that will be a edited on each dulicate layer of the document at the same time?

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          New to ID from Photoshop? You don't. Or, rather, you do it on the relevant layer on a master page that is applied to each page throughout the document.

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            BBond19 Level 1

            Yes, new to design and to Indesign.


            This is needed for version changes of currencies. So, I guess you can create your document (which is already in existance). Duplicate the document on to as many layers that you have currencies. Then take and paste the entire document into the master page pages in the page tab correct? or is there a way to designate one of the layers of the document as master pages?


            Then you would just edit each layers pricing areas for each of the currency changes? Correct?


            Sounds good though! but will it work?

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              dave c courtemanche Level 3

              Not quite sure what you are doing, but you may want to explore Conditional Text (Window/Type&Tables/Conditional Text). You can use that create variations on a document (like price changes), while working off 1 doc/layer. Seems like it might fit your needs.

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                Joel Cherney Level 5

                Yeah, I was going to suggest conditional text.


                I'd use layers for handling visual stacking order, and for the purposes of hiding, showing, and locking varying kinds of content. My gut feeling is that you're trying to hide and show stuff, right?


                I'd use master pages for repeating elements, like logos and page numbers. I would not do as you suggest and paste an entire document into a master page.


                Maybe if you were to go into some more detail about exactly what it is you're trying to do, then we might be better able to offer suggestions. My gut feeling is that you're working on some kind of catalog or price sheet. Conditional text would work, but the way I've handled such projects in the past is to make a single-layer document with everything but the prices, and then I'd use Data Merge to merge in currency symbols and dollar amounts. If your prices change frequently (and they must, right, if you are dealing with multiple currencies?) then this would be useful in quick revision.


                Lastly: no matter if you're handling a document with conditional text or Data Merge or customizing content with many layers, you're starting with an intermediate-to-advanced project. It's a recipe for frustration, as InDesign's initial learning curve is quite steep. I'll say once again - describe it more carefully so that we can actually help you find some step-by-step tutorials to walk you through the hard stuff.