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    Extension not loading (blank panel) - code signing issue?


      I have an issue with my Extension with Windows 8 and Photoshop CC. When I try to call the extension, the extensions panel pops up but keeps blank, then shortly after a dialog box shows "Cannot complete command because the extension could not be loaded".


      • I used EB 2.1 to build the extension
      • I used a self made code signing certificate when building the .zxp
      • It installs fine with Extension Manager CC, just showing an alert because of the untrusted publisher (me)
      • With Windows 7 (and Photoshop CS6, I don't have CC there) it loads fine


      By chance I discovered that the registry entry


      "PlayerDebugMode"="1" in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.4]


      helps the extension to load! Since that registry entry is claimed to "run unsigned extensions during development" (see EB docs), I wonder whether the loading error is an code signing issue showing up only with Photoshop CC (and Windows 8?).


      Additionally, in the "csxs4-PHXS.log" I found the line


      2013-08-22 14:09:38 : INFO  Return value of PlugPlugLoadExtension call : PlugPlugErrorCode_invalidSignature


      which seems to approve my assumption.


      Does this mean, that I need a valid (trusted, non self made) code certificate to deploy my extension for Photoshop CC (and later)?


      Any help is very appreciated!