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    print settings in CS5

    jfostermcvan Level 1

      This is a relativly new problem. My saved work will not save print settings. For example a saved landscape page (which is what I mostly work with) reverts to portrait every single time I print. Even without closing the page. It is very aggrivating. Every time I need to print I have to go through 4-5 steps to get the page to print correctly. Also I cannot print multiples, ever. If I need 5 copies, I have to change the settings 5 times!  I have had my IT guys and the company I lease the Ink jet from check it out and they say it is the PS program. Anyone have any idea how this can be fixed?  I am pulling my hair our


      I have saved a landscape option under print setting already, but again I have to click through that everytime I print a page