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    Confused About Licensing

    tcorbet Level 1
      I apologize for even having to ask this question, but Adobe does not seem to have either a web-based or a telephone-based support center that can easily be accessed to ask this question.

      I had been of the impression, since starting to experiment with Flex development last summer, that I could freely use beta versions of Flex Builder, but that eventually I would have to decide whether or not to commit my company to the technology and purchase licenses. On the other hand, without FlexBuilder, I also thought I understood that I could commit my company to the technology and successfully build and deploy the applications with a little more effort, but not have to budget for expensive development tools, by using the SDK libraries along with the command-line compiler.

      My previous version of mxmlc -- from an earlier Flex 3 beta -- used to tell me, at each invocation, that it would expire sometime late in 2008. My current version of mxmlc -- from Flex 3, beta 3 -- tells me it will expire in a couple of months.

      Have I made some huge mistake? Is there a simple, no-cost way to use Flex with Actionscript? Why does the compiler have an expiration date?
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          peterent Level 2
          I don't recall the expiration policy for the previous Flex 3 Beta candidates, but the current Beta 3 will indeed expire; we don't want the betas to last forever because they will be replaced with offical releases. And as with Flex 2, the Flex 3 SDK (along with the compiler) will be free, so an expiring compiler is nothing to worry about.