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    how to batch convert psd to png with layers

      how to batch convert psd to png with layers

      i want to convert lots of PSD files into PNGs WHILE RETAINING LAYERS!
      simply batching and choosing custom setting flattens the thing.
      how do i do that!??

      and i KNOW it can be done somehow - because i have some old png's i KNOW come from the same psd source. ironic, isn't it?

      besides - feature wish for adobe developers:
      A) batch conversion should include 300dpi to 72dpi and vise versa.
      B) batch conversion should include PSD to PNG and vice versa - including layers and transparency.
      C) RGB to CMYK option when converting from 72 dpi to 300dpi.
      D) batch exporting should include PNG32 which it doesnt now - but somehow DOES include the outdated and stupid gif-format.
      E) i'd like the Actions feature of photoshop - makes batching complicated procedures easly.
      F) I'd like support for the brushes of photoshop
      G) Better selecting tools for details like hair and fine edges.

      Important notes is that i as webdesigner often need to make certain aspects of my clients graphics into print material. Also that i use fireworks for picture editing.

      Praise for the developers of fireworks
      A) the compression facility of JPGs is AWESOME!
      B) PNG as fileformat is likewise awesome - i end up using it for almost all i do these days. Transparency and good file sizes. I have used fireworks cs3 to convert all psd and tiff and ai files to PNG.
      C) the vectors and styles and method of selecting and editing things in fireworks is FAR SUPERIOR to flash and photoshop!