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    Extracting 3D data live through Cineware

    JBrown321 Level 1

      I have built an animation inside Cinema 4d along with some object buffers and other multipasses. Also, an animated camera. I have imported everything through cineware very nicely. AE respects the camera animation(used with nulls). I have not extracted any 3d data. Just a live window into Cinema 4D and the camera I set up. My question is this: How do I or is there a way to extract 3d data, say from an external compositing tag (like to add video on the side of a cube for example) and have it still remain live between AE and Cinema? In other words I know how to extract the data, but what if I want to redo my camera animation in cinema? The solid that AE generates from the cineware does not respond unless I commit to making an AE camera. All the multipasses are live, but why not external compositing tags? Hope this makes some sense. Sometimes I confuse myself