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    Issue setting up the Master Page file (.htt) using the Resource Manager

    SGRoeh Level 1

      I’m a bit confused as to how, in RoboHelp 9, the Resource Manager works for Master Pages (.htt files).


      I set up a test with two projects linked to a folder external to both projects to get an understanding of the Resource Manager functionality. I’m able to get the style sheet to work under this but no matter what I do, the Master Page will not sync up as shown in the image below.


      8-22-2013 1-38-05 PM.jpg


      I’ve created a separate category in the Resource Manager pod called MasterSheets and defined the file type *.htt - I’m not sure if this is needed or even necessary but I wanted to make sure I configured everything that might help resolving this issue.


      8-22-2013 1-43-27 PM.jpg


      I created a new Master Sheet in the project called Standard_Master.htt and dragged it over into the Resource Manager pod from the Projects Set-up pod. When I do that I get these dialogs:


      8-22-2013 1-46-14 PM.jpg


      I’m not sure why it’s trying to re-import the style sheet since it’s already in the project and linked to the Resource version but RH’s funny that way I guess…


      8-22-2013 1-46-57 PM.jpg


      I have no idea why RH is considering only html file types as valid at this point since it already successfully allowed the .css file type which of course isn’t an html file type.


      I then deleted the htt out of the project folder and copied it into the Resource folder. When it shows up in the Resource Manager pod, I right-click it and select Copy to Project Folder which it does but should also, in the process setup the links to sync between the project version of the file and the resource version which it does not as shown in my first image above.


      I would greatly appreciate any help in explaining what I’m doing wrong - am I missing something in configuring this for htt files?


      Style sheet linkage is working just great so I’m thinking maybe this is a bug perhaps?


      Thanks in advance.