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    my files located in user/appdata/roaming/adobe for photosho cs6 are totally gone

    seyekay1 Level 1

      hi i recently recovered my laptop and reinstalled adobe cs6 , i ran it and got the error 1 code , i found the solution as being registry issues so i fixed everything but still got the code then i went to this page http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/preference-file-names-locations-photoshop.html coincidentally and i found that EVERY FILE LISTED IN THE DIALOG BOXES ARE MISSING FROM MY  user\appdata\roaming\adobe folders, i mean the .psp format files like the Adobe Photoshop X64 CS6 Prefs.psp , Color Settings.csf etc files , so my guess is when my laptop was backing up it failed to backup my  files from the adobe follder in the'roaming' folder so everything there associated with photoshop cs6 including colors are missing , and my installation disc is with my dad , hes travelled for six weeks and i am a FREQUENT photoshop user , i use it on a  average of  168 hours at least per week so i really want to know if i can download these files any where else or if someone would be kind enough to track their files and email them to me [email address removed] thanks alot


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