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    Forms Central Survey Question


      I'm creating a Survey using Froms Central and need to display the answers to each question on a page following the last question. For example:


      Question 1 - Single Multiple choice A, B, C ,D

      Question 2 - Single Multiple choice A, B, C ,D

      Question 3 - Single Multiple choice A, B, C ,D

      Question 4 - Single Multiple choice A, B, C, D


      On the following page or conclusion page I'd like to have sentence telling people:

      For QUESTION 1 you selected A

      For QUESTION 2 you selected D

      For QUESTION 3 you selected B

      For QUESTION 4 you selected A



      Is this possible? Can you call out the answer to each question using the labeling of each question?

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          You can do something similar to what you want but it requires having Formatted Text elements for all possible values and then using show/hide logic to show only the relevant ones.


          So basically you would have 16 Formatted Text elements on your second page. Each one with skip logic to it. Messy but does achieve what you want.


          Note that conditional logic (show/hide logic) is a paid feature.