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    Why won't PE10 display HDV material during capture?

    Major Sparky

      Could someone help me with this one, please.



      Basically, the problem is that when capturing HDV material via firewire from my camcorder, the capture window in Elements 10 displays only the message `Playing on video hardware'.



      The desktop PC is more than capable of editing video:

      Windows 7, i7-3770k processor, 8Gb ram, 750 Gb HDD and no hardware setup problems etc.



      The camcorder is a Sony HDR-HC9E DV/HDV tape machine.



      After starting Premiere Elements 10 and selecting `Get Media', the Capture window opens and the `Capture Source' correctly diplays `Sony HDR-HC9E'.

      If I select `play' on the camcorder, the capture window in PE 10 correctly displays the video material that is also being displayed on the camcorder.

      However, if I stop the playback, close and then reopen the Capture window, and then select `capture', the camcorder starts and displays the video material, but the capture window in PE10 simply displays a multi-language message, which in English reads `Playing on video hardware'. The camcorder material is nevertheless captured/recorded by the PE10 program.



      Why won't the video material display in PE10 while the capture is taking place? Help appreciated.