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    Indd says it relinks files, but doesn't


      I have an open CS5 .indd file, and I'm trying to relink everything inside it to a new folder with a different path from where they were packaged.


      I find a .jpg, highlight it in the links panel, press relink.


      I find the .jpg in the new folder where everything else has been stored. I highlight it. I make sure the box on the folder window that says something to the effect of "relink everything" is ticked.


      I hit select. The activity window pops up and I watch as every filename inside the folder and inside the .indd flash before my eyes.


      It gets to the end and alerts me to a font I don't have. That's fine. I only need the artwork. I've seen this window before and just proceeding without finding the font has worked.


      But this time, the relinking doesn't work. The only file that gets linked is that original .jpg. I don't know what's happening different this time.


      I usually do this on a network. Today, for grins, I pulled everything off the network and on to my desktop. No help from either place.