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    Error with recordsets after upgrade to DW8.02

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      I upgraded DW8 with the patch for 8.02

      Now when I open a page that has a recordset I get the following error:

      dreamweaver javascript error invalid quantifier

      Then the page opens but I can't see any recordset on the right hand side and
      can't do much.

      How can I fix this error ?


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          I was getting errors with making recordsets too, especially when creating a variable in advanced mode. The new interface includes a dropdown for a variable type and does not let you choose to NOT specify a data type. Even if you do, Dreamweaver puts the data in the wrong place and the variable doesn't work. I downgraded back to 8.0 and have been fine since.

          I submitted a bug report to Macro-dobe, but no word yet...