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    Slicing Website _ Importing to Dreamweaver




      When i slice my website and import it into dreamweaver.


      I have images that are clickable that i dont want clickable.


      Like some parts of the website are just a blue square from the toolbar or a whitle area that has been siced automaticly.


      How to do make these unclickable?


      I can click on a certain area of the page that has no meaning and it chnages to a highlighted colour.

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Look at the source code in dreamweaver and find the tag <a href equal sign quote url address unquote > I spelled out what goes inbetween the less than and greater than symbols. Just to keep a link from being created in the forum.

          Each image that has a hyper link will have the <a href > tag just remove that tag and the closing </a> tag at the end.