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    evaluating Premiere Elements


      I have a DVD from which I have extracted the video and audio in DVCPRO25 and AIFF format using Cinematize 3 (essentials version). The video is NTSC 29.97 fps interlaced video. I want to convert this DVD in iTunes format. What I want to do is convert it to H.264/AAC but to deinterlace it. Also I want to preserve the chapters. Can Premiere Elements help me achieve this? I am considering buying Premiere Elements if it can avieve this.If not, what are the options? Thanks

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          Whatever your decision, go the free 30 day tryout of Premiere Elements 11 before purchase, keeping in mind that a new version is expected to be released soon.


          You did not say what your computer operating system is nor if the video is standard or widescreen.


          You could have ripped the VOBs from the DVD with Premiere Elements. However, generalizing....


          Import with project preset: PAL DV Standard or Widescreen as applicable.


          Export: Publish + Share/Computer/AVCHD with Presets = MP4 PAL DV Standard or MP4 PAL DV Widescreen.


          I do not see you preserving Chapters...unless you edit the Timeline to give you segments representing the chapters and selectively exporting the segments. Exporting to file saved to hard drive in Premiere Elements does not offer menus and consequently "Chapters". Menus are restricted to burn to disc, except for webDVD which is really a flash file which allows menus.


          Please review and then we can discuss this further. Others will probably we along shortly to repeat/confirm the above and/or give additional insights on the matter.