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    Duplicating Movie Clips?

      I'm working on a few projects, mainly a program that organizes projects, and I was wondering how you can reate more movie clips depending on how many you need.
      For example:
      A while ago I created a calendar with a flagging system. If you needed a flag, then you would press a button and the flag would appear, and you can drag this around. However, since the instance name changes, I can not drag the second object. My first guess would be to use something resembling Dim statements form True Basi, which went something like this.

      Dim sum(1 to 3)
      For x=1 to 3
      Input Avg(x)
      Next x
      Let y=sum(1)+sum(2)+sum(3)
      Print y

      Is there anything like this in Action script or any other way to do what i wanted?

      Thank You!