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    Edge Dependencies

    zontaluma Level 1



      I created an edge file and did a save as.  When i tried to change the click event of a button nothing rendered properly .


      The code i changed was commented out so i didn't think it was a problem


      I then went back into the file and did a paste of the commented out code.  everything's running as normal


      Went through the same process in the original file and same thing happened.  I then added a onMouseDown event and it worked, but when i went back to the duplicated file i got a message that read


      something about the the .js and some other file being changed and if i reloaded the comp i'd loose my changes


      Things are still rendering fine but i can't delete the onClick event in either file





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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Hey Z


          1. Is the project 100% an Edge Animate creation?


          2. Or did you go File > Open an existing .html file, and then start using the Edge tools?



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            zontaluma Level 1

            I figured out the problem.  I had a block of code commented out on a click event.  Everytime i deleted the click event code, my app would cease to exist.  It wasn't unitl I started digging in full code mode that i found a comment terminated with a ? instead of */  crazy that edge only picked it up when the other comment was deleted.