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    Solution to capture videos from VHS, Mini-DV and other tapes

    Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3

      Hi friends


      We have a lot of VHS and Super VHS tapes (old family memories). In the last decade (wow hehehe) we had a Pinnacle DC-30 and after a DV-500 (capture card) to capture these videos.


      Now, our camera is based on memory card, so it´s very easy to download the movies. We do not have a computer equiped with a capture card anylonger (the maximum is a firewire card and USBs).


      My question is: Is there any equipment or a solution to capture these videos from VHS, Mini-DV and other tapes. For example, the video cassete has an RCA output...If having a way to convert the signal into a Firewire or USB, that would solve.


      For mini DVs, we have an old Sony HD1000 camera, but the firewire output of this camera is damaged :/ So, we are also not able to capture videos from these tapes any longer.


      Do you know any solution or equipment? (I know a capture card like a Matrox would be a good solution, but from now it´s a little expensive for capturing home videos )


      Thank you very much for the tips