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      Please someone help me I am a photographer and need to use my Photoshop desperately but all the sudden I load Photoshop and it crashes after about three seconds of loading. I then trouble-shooted the problem beacause I was given no imformation in the initial error and it said that there was some Incompatible Program issue. I don't have a clue what that is supposed to mean and I saw other people had the same issue, but the responses they got didn't help me one bit. I heard about device manager issues but there are like fifty different devices and I have no clue what to uninstall, not to mention they are needed devices, I really can't just uninstall them. Please someone help! I am really frustrated right now...At least my lightroom works...however the clone/ heal stamp is nothing compared to Photoshops...Other information includes that I have been using my Photoshop program on this computer with this version for about 6 months now and had no such issue till just recently. How the heck can a program just all the sudden stop working? I have Windows 8 and my program is Photoshop CS6/ part of the Design Suite.