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    Feature Request: 'Keyboard Shortcut for Extend Marker'

    kinkersnick127 Level 1

      Another feature request I'm trying to gather forum support for before submitting.


      *******Enhancement / FMR*********

      Brief title for your desired feature:


      'Keyboard Shortcut for Extend Marker'


      How would you like the feature to work?


      This is a feature that existed in the old Final Cut Pro 7, which I sorely miss since making the switch.


      Imagine you create a marker, and then play a little further into the clip/sequence, and then want to set the out point of the marker/extend the duration of the marker to the current CTI. Currently you have to do it like this:


      1. Click on current timecode on timeline to select it

      2. Press copy (cmd+c)

      3. Go to markers panel and click on Out point of marker

      4. Paste timecode (cmd+v)

      5. Click back into timeline, and either scrub back to end of marker manually (since there is no way to jump to the end of a marker – it is not registered as a 'point' in the timeline) or click back in the timeline timecode and repaste the timecode back there again to get back to precisely where you were.


      In FCP 7, it was done like this:


      1. Press 'Extend Marker' shortcut ( Opt + ` )


      I want a similar shortcut in Premiere.


      Why is this feature important to you?


      I'm aware the markers in Prelude are much more developed, but this is something I do all throughout an edit, so it would dramatically speed up my workflow.




      Anyone with an interest in this FR add your support here!



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          shooternz Level 6

          I dont understand why the marker needs to extend to the Out Point of the Clip.


          In and Out Points are edit points and Markers are markers.


          One can extend the duration of a marker.

          One can drag a marker anywhere on the timeline or clip.


          Have you a screen grab of the behaviour you are requesting?

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            kinkersnick127 Level 1

            I'm not talking about In/Out points of the clip, I'm just talking about the duration of a marker – which have their own in/out points.


            Create a marker. Go look in the Markers panel – there is a In and Out point there.


            And yes, you can extend the duration of a marker, but it is extremely clumsy to do so, as I explained.

            You can either do the 5 steps I outlined above, or you can go to the marker panel and drag on the Out property, or you can 'Edit Marker' and then manipulate the duration there.

            All of those are very inefficient when all you want to do is extend the most recent marker to the current CTI, which is something I want to do countless times when I'm working on an edit.


            I imagine a lot of people who've come over from FCP7 must miss this feature.


            I'm not sure how I could screengrab this, since there are many steps involved. I could do a screen recording if that would be helpful?

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              kinkersnick127 Level 1

              Here is a short video showing what I'm talking about: http://we.tl/OHNtyKKXe7

              (The link will only be there for 7 days)

              I've edited the second version to show how I would like it to be, and how it was in Final Cut 7 (don't know if FCP-X still has this functionality or not).


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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                This is PPCC so if you alt click on the marker in the timeline panel you can extend it manually.

                If you got Snap enabled it will snap to the end of the clip.

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                  kinkersnick127 Level 1

                  Thanks Ann, I didn't know you could do that.

                  But it doesn't solve my problem. I don't want to snap a marker to the end of a clip, but extend a marker to the current CTI.

                  If you alt-click a marker, it immediately jumps you back to where the marker is, so you then have to manually, and thus imprecisely, drag the marker to where the CTI was before it jumped.


                  All I want is a shortcut that extends the marker closest to the left of the CTI to the timecode of the CTI.

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                    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                    Hi kinkersnick127, Your request is certainly valid. If others would like to see this feature, please fill out the form. Extending markers in the Source Monitor in FCP created subclips, if I recall correctly. Make a separate request if you want to see that, as well.  Thanks, Kevin

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                      ericlwilliams Level 1

                      It would be great to have a menu option, a button, and a keyboard shortcut to create an extended marker that matches the In & Out selection duration. So that when you make an In & Out selection, you then can easily create an extended marker that matches the selection duration and automatically brings up the marker dialogue window, allowing you to add a comment, change the marker color, etc..


                      This feature would be helpful when quickly adding extended clip markers to interview and footage selections. The current workflow requires the user to manually enter the selection duration into the "duration" parameter. This feature would automatically enter that information with a menu option, button, or keyboard shortcut, saving the user several steps and workflow interruptions.


                      As suggested above, having "Marker In" and "Marker Out" options would be great too.