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    How to force using the adobe reader to view the PDF by javascript / PHP / HTML?

    AdobeUser999123 Level 1

      I use the standard way to embed a pdf to my website, however, when I open it the browser will choose the default pdf viewer instead of the adobe reader. I can change it manually by looking at the browser option but it would not be nice if the website visitor need to do this manually. So I would like to know how to force the browser to open the PDF in adobe by using some HTML header / javascript / php or any parameter in object tag. Thanks.


      <object id = 'zoomPage' type='application/pdf' data= '" + sourceFolder + "SingTao/2013/08/17/0/0/A/Content/pdf/pdf_" + currZoomPageNo + ".pdf#toolbar=1&navpanes=0&statusbar=0&messages=0&pagemode=read'><p>The PDF can not display</p></object>