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    iPad jog/shuttle apps

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      I hope this doesn't contravene any commercial restrictions on forum posts but I've been following a Kickstart project to turn iPads and iPhones into jog/shuttle controllers. I checked out the project the other day and lo and behold it's now a fully functional commercial prospect. At $30 I ummed and arred about buying it but decided to anyway. It's pretty rocking.


      It works via a wifi network, so you'll need at least the iPad to be on it (the desktop can be wired). I was skeptical about the responsiveness but it works beautifully. Gestural features like pinch zooming to zoom the timeline and swiping for in/out points work great. My only criticism is the performance lags if you stack up a series of gestures quickly, taking a few seconds for responsiveness to return. It would be great in the future to see some alternate Premiere layouts (ie. I use cut/paste a lot more than overwrite/insert for example). The app supports CS5.5 to CC. I've only used it on CC.


      In short it's really, really handy for logging and sorting. I started editing with jog shuttle units (I fondly remember the the Pinnacle Liquid shuttle), so it's really nice to have similar functionality on my iPad. The app is probably less useful for hard editing with complex cuts and layering, but my 'modifier hand' is enjoying the break at least. It also has the added bonus of making the other editors here green with envy.


      I won't post a direct link to the product here but you can find it easily enough by searching 'ipad jog shuttle for premiere'.