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    CF10 CFML tag, functions and attributes autofill in Dreamweaver CS5.5


      We have Coldfusion 10 and Dreamweaver CS5.5 in my company. We want to be able to see all the CF10 CFML functions, tags and attributes in the autofill when writing code. I have found an Adobe link to a download for them but it doesn't say what version of Dreamweaver is required for it to work. Can someone please tell me? Will it work with CS5.5?

      (This window won't let me paste in the link I have but it's in the Coldfusion Support Center Downloads | Coldfusion 10 Devleoper Tools | Adobe Coldfusion 10 Extensions for Dreamweaver. Also note that we do have CS5.5 in my company but I don't have an install available for me to test so I'm hoping it will be easier to get an answer to this question here rather than obtain one....thanks)