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    Correcting the Page numbering in a book design


      How do I delete all page numbers in my Book Design and start fresh.  Some numbers were position wrong and the size of the type is considered too large.  What do I use to renumber the pages and make corrections hopefully to their correct position on all the pages.  I am a first time user of CS6 InDesign so still going through a learning curve!

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          As a first-time user, it's not clear if you have worked on this book by yourself, or if you are picking it up from someone else, so I'll say some very basic things and hope you don't think I'm talking down to you.


          To make a page number in InDesign, you make a text frame, place the text cursor in the frame if it isn't already there by clicking into it with the text tool and go to Type>Insert Special Character>Markers>Current Page Number, or use the keyboard shortcut Shift Option Command N. If you place that text frame on the pasteboard, it will display PB. If it's on the master page, it will display the prefix of the master page (found in the master page fly-out under "Master Options For ___" where the blank is filled with the current name of the master page). And if it's on a document page, it will display the page number (based on the Numbering and Section Options found in the fly-out of the pages pallet while a document page is active).


          So, if your book is done as one document, the usual workflow is to make a text frame on the master page, place the marker in the text frame and position it on the page where you like. If you have a facing-pages document and you want the same position on both pages, you can duplicate the frame by selecting it and going to Object>Transform>Move (which can also be invoked by double-clicking on the Selection tool [black arrow]), setting the Horizontal distance to the width of the page and hitting the Copy button instead of the OK button. You may also wish to snap the text frame to the margin guides, which can be done if View>Grids & Guides>Snap to Guides is checked. If your page number is at the bottom of the page, you can set the text to justify to the bottom of the text frame by going to Object>Text Frame Options (or Command B), and if you want your page numbers to be in the outer corners of the page, you can set the alignment to Away from Spine, which is a paragraph attribute (Type>Paragraph), but it's best to use paragraph styles.


          If your book is made with more than one document that are connected with the Book function (New>Book), or if you need more than one master page for your single-document book, you can select the page number text frames on the master page with the selection tool, copy, navigate the other master pages or the master pages of your other documents and go to Edit>Paste in Place, which will paste the object in the same position that it had when it was copied. If you are replacing page numbers that already exist, find if they were created on the document pages or the master pages (or both) and delete the text frames with the selection tool. If you need, unlock any objects with Object>Unlock all on Spread or check Window>Layers to see if the layer the object is on is locked. If you are looking at an object on a document page and it appears to have a dotted line, it's probably a master-page item, so don't worry about unlocking it on the document page. Just deal with it on the master page, and all copies on the document pages will respond to that.


          That should get you started, but you might want to pick up Sandee Cohen's Visual Quickstart Guide for InDesign, which comes highly recommended on the forum.

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            98rose Level 1

            Thanks Mike, this is a start.  I followed the tutorial on Adobe for setting up my documents for the cookbook as well as how they explained numbering the pages.  It all seemed to work but on final review I found some page numbers in the middle (which I did not specify) and the delete function the tutorial demonstrated did not seem to work either.  Now I would like to renumber the pages before I send the document for its second printing and not sure how I can delete the former numbers and start the page numbering a few pages in from the index and introduction. How does the delete function work on the page numbering function (is there any...?)  As I said before this is my first time working completely with InDesign to produce a cookbook for a Fundraiser.  So many of the functions are still a hit and miss for me.  I will look into Sandee Cohens book.  Thanks for the tip.  Any other advise is greatly appreciated.  I did forget to mention that I am working through the Blurb website for the printing and downloaded the InDesign plugin to help with the book making.  Would that make any difference?


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              Salah Fadlabi Level 5

              how I can delete the former numbers and start the page numbering a few pages

              Select these pages on page panel and right click Apply Master to Pages

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                Ellis home Level 4

                Try this. In the pages panel, right click on the page you need to start the numbering and choose Numbering and Section Options and set the numbering. Let us know if this works.

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                  98rose Level 1

                  I still need to delete the numbers from my original document.  Not sure how to do that.  Still working my way through  a learning process!

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                    Ellis home Level 4

                    You notice the little black arrow on top of a page in the pages panel? That indicates the start of a section. You can delete that and start a new section with the method I gave you.


                    PS: something that has worked for me is when in doubt that damage can be done to my document by trying different fixes, I always make a copy and try on that one. That way if I messed up, I'll still have my original.

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                      Michael Gianino Level 4
                      1. Do you have one document, or are you using the Book function to tie several documents together as chapters/sections?
                      2. Do your page numbers fall outside of the normal sequence, or is the problem the position or style of page numbers that are otherwise correct?
                      3. How many master pages are you using, and do they each have a page number marker on them?
                      4. Can you take screenshots of your pages panel, or several if you can't display all of the pages in one screenshot, and upload them to the forum? Use the forum's camera icon to upload images.