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    Premiere CC - Merge Clips repeatable bug crash!


      I have been editing a feature film since the start of this week and have found a huge bug and proble with Premiere CC. This has been repeatable for me every time.

      I am working on a brand new install of windows 8, all updated, and 64GB of RAM.

      I am working with Epic footage shot 5k 2.4:1

      Sound was recorded as separate WAV files each video clip has either 1, 2 or 3 mono WAV files (Merged) to them.


      Here is the problem:

      When working with all merged files, everything works fine, but if I try and bring in any clip that is not a merged file things get crazy. I can work fine unless I select or try to move a merged clip and a non merged clip at the same time. So if I select all on the timeline and only have merged clips, no problem. If there is even one non merged clip on the timeline and I select all, I get an instant Premiere Pro CC has encountered an error, and closes out premiere.


      My temporary workaround:

      If I merge an audio file, like a music file/ ADR or sound effect with a color slug, and just select the audio file to bring into the timeline, everything is fine.

      Same goes with video clips. If I have an MOS clip, I can simply merge it to any random audio file, then just bring in the video file and everything works fine. I can select the whole timeline and nothing crashes. But if I forget even once, Boom Premiere shuts down. . . very frustrating.

      Thanks for any insight that may be provided in this situation