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    audio tracks not exporting

    getho Level 1

      prem pro CC - tracls 4+ not exporting using media encoder


      I just googled this and found this: http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/3/943172


      suggesting that anything that had been roudtripped to audition wouldn't export in media encoder.  However it looks to me like its certain tracks that are not exporting.  I can confirm that when I close and reopen the project those tracks that dont export are set to mute.  (which is every track except the 1st three).


      Doing a bit of poking around I can see the default avchd 720p sequence has tracks 4+ set as 5.1 audio

      Could that be the problem?  I can find no way to see what those tracks are set to or to change them - other than creating a blank sequence and copying and pasting everything into it