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    Recording audio

      i use cap.1 and recorded audio w/o any issues. however, i had to copy to rebuild a slide so i imported the audio from the library. audio plays in edit mode but will not play in swf file. any reason why it won't play after it's published? the slides that i did not delete and rebuild work fine.

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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello rachellea,

          Welcome to our community I have seen this many times in Captivate 1. Sometimes the way I managed to get around this was to show the Timeline and then click and drag to move the audio object to say the 1 sec marker and then back position this at the 0.5 second marker.

          If this doesn't solve the problem then you could try creating a new Captivate project file and manually copying each of the slides from your existing project into the new file. If one of the slides won't copy then it might mean that your original project has become corrupted.


          Regards - Mark
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            rachellea Level 1
            Thanks! i will try this next time. what may have been the issue is that there were 2 pages with the same audio file attached to it. t he first page was hidden and as soon as i deleted that page, the audio worked. does that mean you can't hide pages with audio or is it because it was the same audio file. or was it just a fluke that it started working?
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              macrofireball Level 3
              Hi rachellea,

              I do seem to recall in Captivate 1 that sometimes hidden slides with audio do get included when you publish. Though I have to be honest and say that I only experienced this when publishing to an Adobe Connect Enterprise Server.

              Warm regards,