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    3000+ lines of code > Computer Useless while text editting > HELP!

      Ive posted here a little bit ago and hadnt found any help but now its at a point were I cant type anymore. I have reached the max allowable text in one single .mxml file. No where does it say there is a max but when I try to type one line of code now it maxes out my 2.4 Ghz proc and 1.5 gigs of ram and stops 'buffering' my text input so it doesnt catch up with me anymore, it just scraps it so it really takes me longer. I am WAY beyond dissatisfied since I spent 700 bux on this p.o.s. and now its 1/3 the price!! =o The problem is that I have an entire app in this and to change now is not an option, so im stuck, I need to know how to disable all the functionality in the editor!

      Ive also tried Flex 3 but it has the same problems. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! HELP!!!!! PLEAS#E!