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    Combining 2 Edge files timelines into one


      Is it possible to combine 2 Edge files? I have designed 2 simple mouse over animations that share the same asset image library.

      Can I simply copy one timeline and past into another as I did in Flash? I have made sure all labels, ids are unique between files.

      I have tried but is seems to break the animation.


      Be happy to supply files.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Try this


          You can copy/paste from one doc to another, but its a little tricky

          - Open both documents, activate the doc you want to copy the elements/timeline. Click once in the Timeline then go to the Edit > Select All menu command. You should see everything get selected.

          Then click once in an empty area of the Elements Panel (doing so you should see an orange border around it) then Edit > Select All again. At this point all Timeline and Elements items should be selected. Now go to the  Edit > Copy menu command.

          - Activte the second document, go to Edit > Paste All.


          I believe the drawback here is that the Stage {} actions do not get copied in the process, so you need to copy/paste them individually.



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            AMULI Level 4

            Hi Pinkstonms,


            Convert to symbol symbol_1 your rollover button. Then, selecting it in the Library, in the contextual menu, you'll find an Export command that will produce a symbol_1.ansym file.


            In your second edge composition, use the Import symbols command in the contextual menu of its Library and browse to select the symbol_1.ansym file. The import is intelligent in that you get the timeline with its labels and its attached event handlers.



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