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    Smart Text Reflow Stops Working in the Middle of my Documnet

    Marshall Hopkins

      I broke one of the primary text frames on my master pages by typing a space character into it (that took a while to see), but now I have overset text on the primary text frame with smart reflow turned on. Why? And, when I try to add a new page manually It does not contain any kind of textframe (primary or normal) which which I expect to come from the primary text frame on the master page. These two could be unrelated.


      Also, when fiddling with the Smart Text Reflow preferences turing on and off "Delete Empty Pages" the document just started slowly adding empty pages one after another 70 or more before I noticed it and turned off Smart Text Reflow and deleted the pages manually.


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


      Signed, A.O.A.D. (Always On A Deadline)