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    Moving clips around unsuccessful- horrible results!


      Hello- I am a teacher moving from Adobe Premiere Pro to Elements (10) because my district cannot afford the Pro version for my classroom (I was using Pro 6.5).  I have met with quite a few frustations as this doesn't work the way Pro does (duh- it's hundreds less, right?)  So, I have all my clips on my timeline and now I want to move them around and reorder them (sometimes tweeking the length, etc.)  Normally I would push everything over to the right to make a space, move the clip I want into the space and them move everything back to the left until it meets up.  Except I cannot move things over, they never make a space.  They all move together.  RRRRRrrrrrrr.  And my song file keeps getting chopped into bits.


      My first issue was asked and answered by someone here (the current time marker line wasn't moving when the project is viewed).  I'm hoping someone knows how to help me so I can start school with a full head of hair (otherwise, it's all going to be pulled out).


      Thank you for your time and smarts.