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    movieClipLoader issues on certain servers

    kamckng Level 1
      Hey everyone, I work for a company making flash games and I have now run into this particular problem on two different games and I just can't figure it out.

      In one situation we have one movie that chooses randomly to load one of two other movies. On one server it works fine. On another server, flash says there are no errors and that it loads correctly (i tested this using onLoadError and onLoadInit). There are no errors and the onLoadInit is called correctly, but what is in the movie wont display after being loaded.

      In another situation, the user can upload a photo to the server and then that photo is used in the game. The photo upload works properly, the photo gets put on the server and all that jazz. Now on the one server, the loading of the image works fine, it shows up and everything. But then on this other server, yet again the photo says it loads properly with no errors, but it doesnt dipslay it. But I can go on wiht the rest of the game working fine... just no photo... has anyone run into this before?

      Oh yes, and it also works on my home server, so it works on two servers and not this other one. So that makes me think it's a server issue, but if that was the case wouldnt flash throw errors if it couldnt work? And like i said, flash at least says it's loading the photo correctly!

      Please Help!!
      Thanks for any help!