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    Sharing PDF Printer Security Settings




      We are rolling out Acrobat Pro XI to a group of people; we want all pdfs to be created with the same security settings.  I've created a security policy with the required settings (no ability to print, copy contents etc) and it shows up as the required DSA_Security policy within the Tools-Protection menu.  I believe I can copy that to all the machines so everyone has access to it.


      My question is can I do the same with the PDF Printer, so if someone choses print - adobe pdf is it possible to have this security policy appear in the drop down list of the security setting in the print settings?  At the min all I see is Reconfirm security for each job or use last configuration.


      I'd like to cover all areas so people can create their pdfs anyway they prefer.  Appreciate any pointers in the right direction.



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          Sabian Zildjian Level 4

          The assumption is that you are using a certificate to limit the access to the features of the PDF file?  Or are you trying to take the registry settings?


          If it's using certificates then....


          Do you want them to use/sign with the certificate or just be able to "trust" and validate it?


          - If it's the former then you need to export it via the Certificate Viewer and the users will need to have the password.  


          - If it's the latter then you need to export it via the Digital ID and and Trusted Certificate Settings "Export" button.

          Test both scenarios thoroughly before doing either operation and make sure it's REALLY what you want to do.


          If it's the using registry settings then you will need to use something like RegShot to find the registry settings that you want then populate them across other machines with a reg file.