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    Are there any project analysis tools to optimize a project?

    JaredHess Level 1

      So, our devs use Coverity (http://www.coverity.com) to scan their code to look for problem areas they can refactor. My boss asked me if there are something out there like that but for documentation projects. I know RH offers the Tools | Reports, but I'm worndering if there are Adobe or 3rd party tools out there that can analyze a RH documentation project in the background to provide you with a list of items to fix or improve. I'm also looking for something that checks a documentation project for duplicate paragraphs, that we could then rewrite as snippets.


      For example, MadCap's Flare has an Analyzer tool: http://www.madcapsoftware.com/products/analyzer/


      Is anyone aware of tools like this that works with RH projects?