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    Any books recommended?

    edsager-NDxnfr Level 1
      Hello All,

      I am very new to ActionScript and was wondering if anyone could recommend books on the use of XML and AS3 with Flash and Flex. I am looking to understand the capabilities and move on to advanced topics.

      Thank you,
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          I think 'Programming Flex 2' by Joey Lott and Chafic Kazoun is quite good.

          If you're interested in Design Patterns, get 'Advanced ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns' (Joey Lott and Danny Patterson). This is also a very good book.


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            edsager-NDxnfr Level 1

            Thank you for the suggestion. I have that book on my Amazon Wish List; however, it has received a variety of negative reviews, though positive reviews outnumber the mediocre/poor reviews 8-7. I will definitely consider it.

            I did purchase Learning "ActionScript 3.0: A Beginner's Guide," "Foundation Actionscript 3.0 with Flash CS3 and Flex" and "Essential ActionScript 3.0."

            Again, thank you,
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              At the risk of pointing out what may already be obvious to you, I find the documentation provided by Adobe to be the most useful source of information. The Flex Developers Guide is a great place to start after one of the various quick start guides and the ActionScript language reference and ActionScript language spec are great for answering specific questions that you might have. I think all three of these (dev guide, spec and reference) are available as HTML and in PDF. Adobe does a really excellent job with Docs in my opinion.

              I have one Flex book - Programming Flex 2 I think, published by O'Reilly, but I never look at it.
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                tinylion_uk Level 2
                i agree. the adobe docs are great. I think i spend more time in liveDocs than anywhere else. (if I could get them as a neural implant I'd do it today!). come on adobe - chip me up.

                I also use actionScript 3 bible too. nice reference.

                Have both the AS3 design pattern books, which are interesting reading.

                Butu I'd get stuck into the adobe docs before you spend any money.

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                  Ratsnackbar Level 2
                  I agree that the Adobe Docs are the best reference however you cannot always carry the Adobe Docs with you and sometimes having a book is handy.

                  If you are just looking for something to get up to speed I would suggest "Essential Actionscript 3.0" for Actionscript and "Professional Adobe Flex 2"(now 3) for Flex. Though not perfect (what book is?) they both do a good job of covering enough that once you are done with them you can use the Live Docs for pretty much anything else but the most advanced techniques.

                  And Don't forget there are many many many good developer blogs out there with example code you can toy with.

                  (P.S. While your at it might want to Grab a book on ColdFusion 8. What's the point of Flex without ColdFusion!? That's like Peanut butter without Jelly, Laurel with no Hardy or Dave Lister without Curry! ;)
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                    edsager-NDxnfr Level 1
                    Thank you all for the suggestions. The Adobe Docs are great, but as Ratsnackbar said, having a book can be handy. Though this may be strange, I do enjoy curling up in bed with a good non-fiction book, while my wife reads Jane Austen.

                    I like the suggested books and the suggestion to add ColdFusion to my list.

                    I have seen many good blogs.

                    Thanks all for the information,
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                      programming flex 2 by chafic Kazoun & Joey Lott
                      is a fantastic book. Its all you'll need to get you up and running.

                      The actionscript 3.0 cookbook by Joey Lott, Darron Shall and Keith Peters is also a great resource.

                      Both books are O'Reilly books.