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    Fading tabs on Dreamweaver


      Hey Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section but I am a little confused.


      I am designing a website for my mother and she has requested a tab of sorts that once clicked, fades to the left (which opens out) and includes information. It would result in something like this:


      TAB 1.pngTAB 2.png


      I am not sure what it is so I cannot find a tutorial. If someone could tell me what it is and offer some insight, I would very much appreciate it o: If it needs flash, I have that too (I know how to do buttons but I was not sure whether this would work on dreamweaver)


      I am 16 and I get confused easily, so I am sorry if I end up asking you even more questions to your reply D:


      EDIT: By the way, the black part inside the white box would be a flash slideshow - which is why the tab would need to be translucent/have a low opacity.