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    Good day


      Good day, I just purchase a subscription with you in Adobe Forms Central, I want to continue with the service, but I need to know how I can automatically send the form information to a specific email account without having to see the answers in the online session.

      I hope answer thanks.

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          If you have a paid account then you can turn on email notifications. Look under the Options Tab. You should see an Email Notifications. You can turn on the feature and make sure that you chaeck the box to include form data.


          Make sure that what ever email address you send the notifications too that there is a verify FormsCentral account (can be a free account) for that email address.


          This will send an email with the list of label:value pairs of the each submission.


          Basically you need to give access to the form (as reader, collaborator or co-author) to that email address but they don't need to log in to see the data as they will receive an email for each submission.


          hope this helps


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            araigo Level 1

            Excellent, information comes to mail, but no way that does not come with Adobe FromCentral information because it is a paid account?

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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              Sorry I don't understand your question. Can you reformulate it?



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                araigo Level 1

                sorry, my English is not very good, the question is:

                the email confirmation is coming letterhead Adobe Central From there any way that this does not arrive?

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                  Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                  Maybe you can post your question in your native tongue and I'll find someone here to translate. I'm still not sure what you are requesting. I'm sorry.



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                    araigo Level 1

                    Ok, mi lengua es español, y mi pregunta es como poder suprimir el vínculo y las imágenes de Adobe Central From en el mail que llega. espero me entiendan

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                      Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                      You cannot remove the Adobe branding in the Email Notifications.


                      There is no Adobe branding in Email Receipt sent to the fillers.


                      Hope this answer your question.