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    Wrong green tone on black and white photos in Photoshop / Windows 7


      I have a problem when using photoshop CS5. When I open the photo in the editing area - it has a little green tone. When I save for web the same photo become real black and white without a green tone:




      When I open the same photo on the web at 500px in Internet Explorer it is in real black and white without a green tone. If I open the same page in Firefox or Chrome it has the same green tone as in Photoshop




      Technical: Desktop computer, Philips 244E monitor, Windows 7, latest browsers, ATI HD 5450 2 GB graphic card. Latest driver. Photoshop CS5, The monitor is calibrated with a X-Rite calibrator.


      I have looked at the settings on my Windows laptop (with no problems) and made the same settings, but it does not help. I have tried to change nearly everything in the settings.


      Hope someone can help me. It is a bad problem for an amateur photographer... :-(


      Daniel Hoffmann