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    Multiple Emails


      What's the technique for including multiple emails?  Is it comma w/ space, comma no space, semi-color space, etc???  Or is that not allowed?

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Are you talking about adding email addresses to Email Notifications?

          Use the dropdown to add more email addresses


          Or inside a Email Field on the fillable form?

          You can only submit one email per email field. This is true for the response table too. An email column can only have one email per cell.



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            andrewross539 Level 1

            No, in the Email Receipts tab.  I want the person filling out the form to receive an email notification as well as another person they specify.  Basically, when they submit I want their boss to receive a copy of the request....


            I think you replied to my other question - thank you for helping me today!!  This FormsCentral is sincerely AMAZING compared to what I'm currently using.

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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the kind comment


              You can't specified more than one email for Email Receipt (current submission set to this email address only). You can however send Email Notifications to multiple people (all submissions sent to all of these email addresses).


              For Email Notifications each email address in there must be a FormsCentral account (it can be a free account). So make sure an account is created for all of them, the Terms of Use have been accepted and the email verify. Only then will the email address be able to receive notifications.