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    copying files between projects


      I'm new to Flex and I'm creating lots of small short lived projects while I try things out. I'm using Flex Builder 3 milestone3 beta2.

      However, I'm finding that if I try and copy some MXML files from one project to another in Flex Builder 3 they aren't recognised as Applications in the new project.

      eg I've got Project1 with an MXML Application, an MXML Component and an MXML Module.
      If I copy these using the copy command in Flex Builder and paste them into Project2 they all appear as MXML Components. When I build the project they are not built. But they are in the list of files in the Flex Navigator and the Ctrl-Shift-R file list.
      The same happens if I copy the files via Windows Explorer and hit refresh in the Flex Navigator.
      The same happens if I use the import command and select File System.
      The same happens if I use the export command on Project1 as archive file, then the import command on Project2.

      I can't seem to find a way to copy any MXML files between projects and have Project2 recognise the copied MXML applications as applications. So far the only way I can do it, is to create NEW mxml files in Project2, then manually copy the contents into the empty files. Which is insane. Why doesn't copy/import work?

      Has anyone else had this issue? I looked in the bug database, but didn't find it.