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    Story order in dynamic TOC?


      Hi. I'm just learning to use the Table of Contents function in ID. I'm having trouble where there are multiple stories on a single page (for example, a section header at the top of the page that's a separate text block from the longer running text below). How can I force the order of the Level 1 and Level 2 entries into the proper order?

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Hoping this explains why you are seeing the incorrect order issue in your ToC:

          • Table of Contents text that is sourced from separate stories on a page will appear top to bottom, left to right, so if some of your headings start further to the 'left', they would appear earlier in the ToC.
          • Additionally ToC text from threaded stories will appear BEFORE the headings, if those headings appear on later pages.


          To avoid this from happening there are a number of things to attempt:

          • thread your frames where possible, don't use 'loosely' placed headers
          • where you have multiple short stories on a page it's more difficult, esp if they are magazine style. you can try and cheat by making frames wider and using text indent to position the text left/right, so that indesign only uses the 'top to bottom' approach and doesn't consider text that starts 'further to the right' as something that must appear later.


          Hope this helps,