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    Please post.

    Rebecca Penso Level 1

      I have created a 75 page document with facing pages. The Master page has numbers placed at the bottom center.

      If I move, delete or add a single page the formatting is distorted. In the screen image on the left, the page numbers

      are at the center bottom. On the right the pages are switched and the numbers are moved to the outer 2 inches of

      the bottom of the page.


      After many, many calls to Adobe, I have not received a response to help me work around this problem.  What I ultimately did was make  a very big black box covering the entire pasteboard. then I went through the whole book at individually put in page numbers.


      I hope someone out there has a more efficient way to fix this. The staff at Adobe, apparently, do not.

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Just a thought: Are there objects with Text Wrap applied to them interacting the page number text frame?

          Try editing the text frame with the page number marker on the master page and setting it so it ignores any text wrap:

          • Object > Text Frame Options
          • Select Ignore Text Wrap


          Hope this helps.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Hi Rebecca,


            I've deleted your email adrress. You don't want to include any personal info in your posts -- they all get put on the web.


            There are no screen shots, which makes this difficult to *****. Attachments have been disabled for years, but you can link to a server someplace, or embed images in your posts using the camera icon on the web page, like this: