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    Merged project & books

    Lonno7 Level 1
      Thanks again to all who have been helping me along with my merge project.

      The situation so far: I've managed to merge the project I wanted (let's call it "2008-09") into the currently running project (call it "Original"), and was even able to create a book with the correct contents.

      However, I wanted to add another book (there will be many more) and make a change or two to 2008-09. Problem is, RoboHelp is not creating that additional book, nor is it accepting the changes I made to the 2008-09 topics. On its own, 2008-09 looks good ... takes changes, creates books, etc. I compile it, then compile Original ... but I get bupkis.

      What (else) am I doing wrong .. or not doing at all?