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    Spinning Wheel



      i need some help with a spinning wheel i have made.

      at the moment when i click spin it spins on to a number eg 1 and then it stops. and i can click spin again and it will go to another number like 2


      i would like to know how to make so that whe it lands on any number but in this case 1 it will go to another scene or frame and play.


      this is some of the code i have got

      if(_level0.turn == 1){




      this code is on all the numbers.


      please help

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          Ron Colmen Level 2

          Not sue if I understood your question correctly. try this


          if(_level0.turn == 1){

                    gotoAndPlay(5); //change this number to the frame number you need to be able to jump.



          With this you will be able to goto any position wihtin the timeline in the current scene. Also you can try replacing gotoAndPlay with gotoAndStop

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            prodigalmaster Level 2

            I also find the question incoherent, however as Ron above says, you could use:


            gotoAndStop(5); where you replace 5 with the frame number, obviously ..Stop(5) stops on that frame and ..Play(5) goes to frame 5 and then plays to 6 and so on.


            How many numbers are there on the wheel? A more efficient way of writing the code would be to use a loops and use that if statement within it, where the number (e.g. == 1 is the iteration count within that loops, e.g. == iteration), something like this:

            var totalNumbers:Number = 16;//change this number to how many numbers there are


                 if(_level0.turn == i){




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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              How is the the spinning wheel designed?  Since you the code is on all the numbers it is possible you only need to use gotoAndStop(#), where # is defined by the number of the wheel.  But it all depends on how you designed the wheel.

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                Ron Colmen Level 2

                @rheaninja: make a habbit of marking a thread "CORRECT" or "HELPFUL" if you are happy with an answer...